cassytron (murderthechance) wrote in x4131x,

ok, here's the deal (chewingtinfoil, approve?):
i changed the community settings so anyone can join, but only the x4131x can post. sorry, but we can't let everyone and their mother have posting access. we're family here (minus the bloodline). make sense?

in other news, chewingtinfoil, damian666ad, and myself went to the sick as sin fest in lowell, MA today. however, we were too busy drinking to mosh it up. we DID see people that we would have enjoyed punching.. repeatedly... but as i said, we were too busy drinking.

note: we made it home safely & sober. don't drink and drive. or i'll kill you (if you don't kill yourself first).
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i agree, we don't need no one up in our bizniz. they can read but will never be good enough for our unit. yeah.. i gots a new gangsta movie today yeah.
awesome, what movie?
yeah, someone joined the community, and i didn't want to be a jerk about it.. i just don't think that a bunch of people should be posting when we have no idea who they are.
true, i agree but then we could comment to them and be all gangsta. ha